Thursday, 25 February 2010

Full Version Zumas Revenge Match 3 Game

Full Version Zumas Revenge Download for PC
In the full version of Zumas Revenge, you're challenged with a twist on the classic match 3 puzzle game. Controlling the stone frog idol in the middle of the screen, a chain of colorful balls move around you and you must stop these balls reaching their destination or you lose!
Shoot out balls out of the frog's mouth to make color matches in the chain and blast the balls away. Keep on making matches until they're all gone to win the level and move up to the next challenge.


Play Zumas Revenge on PC

Leap into ball-blasting action in Zuma's Revenge!(tm) – Adventure and take on the Tikis in this ribbeting sequel to the smash hit! This match 3 arcade game offers hours of fun!

The little stone frog idol finds itself adrift in the ocean and soon makes land on a strange island. There, five fierce Tikis guard the island's mysteries. Challenge the Tikis in the single mode version of the exciting game to conquer over 60 levels of fast and perilous shooting action!

Shoot stone spheres to destroy a chain of oncoming balls. Stay sharp and match three or more of the same color to make them disappear.

Use explosive new power-up balls like the Tri-Shot and Laser. Slide and hop to different locations for an extra advantage. Take on six Boss battles and guide the amphibian to victory!

Zumas Revenge Full Version Game Includes
  • Unlimited Play with 4 Different Zumas Revenge game modes
  • Put your bubble-shooting skills to the test
  • New features like slide-aiming and lily pad hopping
  • Take on 6 evil tiki bosses in innovative challenges
  • Enjoy amazing graphics and effects
  • Play the ribbeting sequel to one of the most popular games of all time
  • Challenge the Tikis in this single mode version of match 3 shooting action
  • Use explosive new power-up balls like the Tri-Shot and Laser
  • Hop to different locations for an extra tactical advantage
  • Guide the little stone frog idol to victory
Get Zumas Revenge for PC and Mac

Zumas Revenge is available on:
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