Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Collapse Game - Full Version Game Download for PC

How to Get a Full Collapse Game Download for PC
Included below is a review of the new Collapse! game and details how you can get a Collapse game download of the lastest in the Collapse puzzle games series.

Released this month, Collapse! is the sequel to Super Collapse 3, and is an excellent update on the previous game both visually and in terms of gameplay and other features.


How to Play New Collapse Download Game
To play Collapse! you must click on 3 or more same colored blocks to clear them from the screen, creating a void, which in turn causes the neighboring blocks to "collapse" and fill in the empty space. At the same time new rows are pushing up from the bottom of the screen, you must make sure you clear the blocks before they stack upto the top of the screen, otherwise it's gameover - simple to pick up and play but the additional game modes makes this version very intense and addictive!

The New Collapse! download game multiple game modes and other new features:
* Strategy Mode - with every mouse click a new row automaticaly appears.
* Puzzle Mode - use the least amount of clicks to clear the blocks
* Continuous Mode - where there is no break from new blocks appearing.
* Relapse Mode - this is where you have blocks coming at you from the bottom AND top of the screen.
* Adventure Mode  - where you can play Collapse against different fantasy backdrops, from an underwater world to an urban setting.
* You'll also be challenged by end boss characters such as Blockzilla or Blocktopus.
* Power-ups include exploding bombs and block swappers. Which can be used to destroy whole rows or columns.
* You can customize your Collapse character with a choice of wardrobe.
* And the biggest feature of this new Collapse download game is the double board - this allows you to play two boards side by side. This will really test your multi-tasking Collapse skills in both strategy and use of power-ups!

What's included in the Full Version Collapse Game Download
* Exciting mix of the familiar Collapse game play with so excellent new game modes.
* Beat fantastic foes such as Blockzilla and Blocktopus
* Create your own customized Collapse character.
* Challenging modes include Classic, Strategy, Puzzle mode.
* All new way to play intense Collapse action with the double game board!
* Unlock codes which you can use in the Facebook and mobile version of the Collapse games.

Collapse! - System Requirements for PC
* Windows 7/Windows 2000/Windows Vista/Windows XP.
* 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent.
* 512MB RAM.
* DirectX 9.0.

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