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Jigsaws Galore for PC and Mac Download

Jigsaws Galore Review
I love jigsaw puzzles.
And I've recently been playing Jigsaws Galore.
This is the perfect way to do jigsaw puzzles on your computer.

Not only because it has plenty of puzzles.
Covering a range of themes.
There's also a whole load of customizable settings.
From the difficulty mode.
Including a mystery mode!
To the jigsaw piece size and shape.

This game is available for PC and Mac. To download online, include a free demo. Details of the game, including my review and links to downloads are included below.

Jigsaws Galore Review and Full Version Download for PC and Mac

Description: Put together the beautiful jigsaws included, or make your own new puzzles from photos or screen captures in Jigsaws Galore! Play through countless puzzles in the ultimate Jigsaw puzzle game. Choose the size, style, quantity, and even the thickness of pieces. Customize the color schemes and sounds, and create your own handy trays to separate pieces from one another.


Jigsaws Galore Game Details
Jigsaws Galore Game Details

Jigsaws Galore - Game Details
From: David P. Gray.
Released: 2011.

Game Play and Features include:
* Over 200 jigsaw pre-installed puzzles, included. Covering a range of themes - such as animals, famous buildings, and scenic photos.
* 4 Difficulty modes - making this a perfect jigsaw game for kids and adults too. Easy (35 pieces), Medium (100 pieces), Hard (250 pieces), and Custom.
* Picture size settings: Default, Small, Medium, Large, and Custom.
* Piece shape settings: Default, Classic, Blip, Squares, Stars, Bubbles, Mixture and Surprise!
* Plus fun pieces, a demo, mystery mode and more ways to customize to your liking.
* You can also create your own jigsaws! Either from screen captures, wallpapers or other images on your computer. These can also be customized as required.
* For details of how to play Jigsaws Galore. You'll find a detailed guide included. And also a demo and other useful tips.
* This is a full screen jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaws Galore Full Version Download for PC and Mac
Jigsaws Galore Full Version Download for PC and Mac

Jigsaws Galore - Review
This is a jigsaw puzzle lover's perfect solution. As it has plenty of jigsaws to do. And plenty of customisable settings.

I especially like the fact that you can adapt the puzzles to your liking. Such as changing the jigsaw piece sizes. And the shapes of the pieces themselves!

Plus you can make your own jigsaw puzzles. Using your own images on your computer.

This is a fun and addictive jigsaw. With a good variety of difficulty modes and settings. And is a perfect puzzle game for both kids and adults to play.

Jigsaws Galore Full Version Download for PC and Mac
Download the Jigsaws Galore FREE demo on:

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